Travis Air Force Base

350 Hangar Ave., Bldg 549
Travis AFB, California 94535
Phone: (707) 424-5246
Fax: (707) 424-5116

Support the AbilityOne™ Program by Shopping at your Base Store!

The AbilityOne® Program is one of the nation’s largest employment resources for people  who are blind or have significant disabilities, providing employment opportunities to more than 45,000 people, including approximately 3,000 veterans.

Purchasing products at your local BSC creates and sustains hundreds of jobs for people  who are blind or have significant disabilities, producing and shipping products, providing services, and in many cases, staffing the BSCs.

70% is the unemployment rate for Americans who are blind.

Supporting your base store helps to employ more individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

Your Purchases of AbilityOne items created 2,243 employee hours in 2023

Every purchase of an AbilityOne Product (Skilcraft) creates jobs for people who are Blind or visually impaired. Every purchase of $3 creates a minute of work for someone who is Blind or Visually Impaired.


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Mission Success Starts at Your Local BSC

  • Flexible inventory tailored to local needs; special orders available
  • Cost-effective solutions through vendor consolidation
  • Walk-in, call-in, fax and online ordering
  • Multiple purchasing methods, including purchase card, requisition and more
  • Same-day delivery for many items
  • Ability to operate 24×7 to support deployments and year-end requirements
  • Fulfill mandatory source requirements under federal and DOD acquisition regulations
  • 500,000+ AbilityOne and commercial products available in-store, online or through special order

Wide Range of Product Offerings

AbilityOne BSCs offer a wide range of SKILCRAFT® products, as well as mission- essential equipment and supplies, and  select commercial items.

Food Service Supplies

  • Food Handling & Preparation
  • Disposable Products & Breakroom Supplies
  • Kitchen Cleaning

Hardware & Tools

  • Pro-Grade Tools
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Paints & Accessories
  • Padlocks

Cleaning & Jan/San

  • Environmentally Friendly Cleaners & Detergents
  • Disposable Paper Products
  • Floor Care

Office Products

  • Computer Accessories
  • Desk Supplies
  • Shipping Supplies
  • Printing Supplies

Workplace Safety

  • Safety Equipment & Apparel
  • Floor Mats & Safety Treads
  • OSHA Compliance

Special Orders

  • Unique Military Items
  • Office Furniture

Your 1 Stop Solution

Your AbilityOne Base Supply Center on Travis Air Force Base is part of a nation-wide network of providers to offer thousands of quality products to government and military customers.

Today, we offer thousands of skus and multiple services across the country.  We are your one-stop shipping to military personnel and federal employees. Convenient ordering allow personnel to shop in various different ways: in person at our store, email or call in orders for pick up or delivery.

When you purchase SKILCRAFT® and other AbilityOne products at your local BSC, you  help thousands of people who are blind or  have significant disabilities live more independent lives through rewarding careers.

Questions? 888.255.8011 x344

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